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We are a locally owned and locally managed family and multi-specialty dental group practice.  We have grown leaps and bounds, because our patients come first!

Convenience...General dentists and specialists in the same location!

Our general dentists and dental specialists work side by side and freely collaborate for the benefit of your oral health and use modern technology to provide accurate safe dental care. These conveniences and continuity of care will save you so much time.

If your care does requires the expertise of one of our dental specialists, you won’t need to worry with transferring your records, filling out more forms, or struggling to ensure that your primary dentist is up to speed.  Everything is addressed by our amazing support staff and doctors, resulting in less stress for you and your family.  Consider it done!

Modern Technology and Procedures...It's my body we're talking about here!

From our incredibly comfortable fully electronic dental chairs to our impressive Sirona computerized RVG xray, we demand quality, safety and accuracy for our patients.  For example, our Sirona xray sensors require 60-80% less radiation and are able to pick up on weak areas in your teeth months before a filling is needed so you can start preventative measures and avoid that filling!

Prompt Service...Finally a dental office who cares about my time!

We know waiting at the dental office is not very productive.  We take patient wait times very seriously at My Smile Artist.  Know that we do respect your time and it is a priority that we are prompt.

Customer Service...Crazy nice staff!

We are known in Lucknow for providing amazing customer service!  It’s not by mistake. We have one simple rule.  Love others more than yourself.  We have much fun because we love our jobs and the patients we help.

We will exceed your care expectations while getting to know you as a person.  We believe in open communication and long-term relationships with our patient family based on mutual trust and respect.

Our Promise to You

At every visit to our multi-specialty group practice, you will be:

  • Addressed with respect
  • Treated with warmth and courtesy
  • Encouraged to talk about your oral health issues and concerns
  • Offered education on the best oral hygiene products,  techniques and habits
  • Presented with all treatment options based on your unique needs

For more information about the quality and conveniences we provide at My Smile Artist or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.  Give us a chance to amaze you!